Microchipping your dog

In a few words a dog microchip is the size of a grain of rice inserted under the dog’s skin. If you are feeling sorry for your pet consider it being like a rabies shot. It will sting a little but it is for its own safety. It is your pets permanent id tag. It will not fall off no matter what.

When a vet, or a kennel, or the pound encounters a dog they routinely "scan" the dog with a handheld device that can pick up the id from the chip and give them the info then need to contact you. Scanning is completely painless. They don't even really have to touch the dog, just wave a wand near your pet's back or belly.

Then they will call you to come pick up your pooch.

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Here are some stories of pets reunited with their owners because of microchipping
After 5 years and 850 miles
After 7 years

Never give up.