My son was caring for my dog Denver while I had to go out of town working. I came home and before I could pick him up, my son calls and tells me Denver had gotten off the chain or had been stolen. this was the morning after Halloween.

I immediately posted approximately 100 flyers in and around his neighborhood. I put then on trees in people front yards, utility poles in the windows of bar rooms and stores, I posted on one free internet site, I checked with all the Veterinarians in the county or I should say Parishes after all I am in Louisiana. I went to the animal shelter twice weekly and after a month had given up, I was convinced someone had my dog and did not want to give him up for what ever reason, down here the could have been possibly trying to fight him. He is not a fighter so I figured if that was the case he was dead, or he had been run over because I live in the country and my son in the middle of the city and he is not used to traffic and last but not least someone had hopefully given him a loving home. I drove and drove and drove calling him and looking in backyards or in the ditches, behind store dumpsters, you name it.

A friend suggested I run an ad in the Baton Rouge newspaper, I told my friend the dog has been missing for a month I don't think this will help and my limited income would not allow it. My dear friends said they would run the add for a week and they would pay for it so I agreed and said thank you. Four days later and on the fourth call a lady who had recently moved down here from DC called and she had my dog. He had only been in her neighborhood for a few days and everyone was scared of him because he has a little pit mix in him and it just so happens it came out in his head. As one lady was picking her cell up to call the pound, when this nice lady called my dog and he came to her. She put a collar and leash on him and instantly could tell he had some training.. She washed him and put him in her house with her 2 poodles, made him a bed and he got in it.

My dog was only about 5 miles from where he was lost from. I do not think he roamed the streets for a month. He looked as if he had not missed a meal and his paw pads were not raw. I am thinking someone in my sons neighborhood did possibly take him and he got away from them. The moral is don't give up, tell all your friends, do all you know to do and don't be afraid to take advice or help.

Bill, LA