While I was visiting my fiance's family over Thanksgiving, a friend was keeping my dog. His son had some friends over. They ordered a pizza and when the delivery man was at the door, my friend's son was not paying attention and Luca ran out the door. The son assumed he would come back since it was raining and the next morning he was still gone.

After my pup had been gone for over 24 hours, they called to tell me that he was missing. They put up a few signs and we walked miles looking for him and calling his name.

The next morning, I had 15 signs made, laminated them, and posted them with zip ties on the stop sign posts at the major neighborhood intersections. The other signs fell due to the rain.

Within 5 hours, a man called and had taken my pup in the night before when it was raining and very cold. He was very frightened and had a bite on the back of his neck from another animal. He showed up on the man's back porch shivering and whimpering about half a mile from my friend's house.

We picked him up and took him to the vet to get checked out. He's now fully recovered and back to his old self again!

Jennifer, GA