Our story started with two siberian husky pup brothers that we bought for our girls (ages 5 & and almost 3 at the time) three weeks before Chrismas 2006. Our oldest husky had just passed away at the age of 16 that April, and we finally had found two puppies just right for our family.

The boys were quite adventurous and had grown quite a bit but were still not a year old when they got out of the yard in August 2007 while we were on a short vacation before school started. Our daughters were heartbroken when we arrived home and did not have their "boys".

We live about 26 miles from Tulsa and posted flyers everywhere, went to the Tulsa pound every other day, went to surrounding animal shelters, posted on websites, made endless phone calls, etc. We had almost given up when in March 2008 we received a call from Nanda stating that she thought she found one of our dogs at the Tulsa pound. We went that next morning just as they opened and there was one of our boys, Rascal, in one of the cages. We assume someone was camping, fishing, etc. and picked them both up at the same time. They were never apart. Rascal was picked up by animal control at 31st and 145th that last week in March, and that was at least 40 miles from home. I know I went at least 30 miles in every direction to try to find them.


We were so thrilled to have him home!! He has been a joy to have back in our home. He does not let our daughters out of his sight. He also cannot wait for them to get home from school. We are still searching for his brother, B.B., and are hopeful that one day he will be found.

Shelley, OK

Nanda's Note:

Rascal was missing for 9 months. This is a perfect example of why you should never lose hope or give up the search.

We'll keep B.B. in our thoughts.