Rock Star


The way that I lost Rocky was in fact a bit silly. I had only had him for about 3 months and was still adapting to challenges of keeping up with a 150lb 8 month old puppy. Long walks just didn't seem to be enough for him, so I had started to take him out to a little clearing where he would run and run to his big heart's content. Well, the day that I lost him, he ran and ran and never came back.

I walked around for hours calling out for him, and then I got in my car and drove around for several more hours, still calling. I couldn't find him anywhere. That night I stayed up all night writing papers for school and posting ads on every lost pet website I could find, including the local Human Society's site. The next afternoon, I called the Humane Society to see if anyone had brought him in.

No, nobody had, but they gave me the number for a service that specifically searches for lost pets (not just dogs! birds, turtles, ferrets, cats, you name it!). The service gave me the numbers to all of the local animal shelters and several of the local veterinarian offices. He also gave me advice about putting up flyers and told me that the most important thing to do is let people know that you're looking for your pet. The more people that know you have lost your pet, the higher the likelihood that someone will spot him/her and recall the story of your recent loss.

Anyway, it wasn't 10 minutes after I had originally called the Human Society that my phone rang. They had found him! Someone had found him and taken him to a vet's office. The vet called the Humane Society, and the Human Society promptly called me! They also sent me an email informing me of the find. I am ever so greatful to all those who contributed to the search and finding of my puppy! He wasn't injured at all and bounced around in the backseat all the way home (picture a 150lb St. Bernard bouncing around in the backseat of your car).

Rocky had quite the adventure! He was home safely and passed out in his chair in less than 24 hours.

Don't ever lose hope!

Alli, AL